Parent and Tot

(Ages 6 months to 3 years)

With a parent in the pool with each child, we will assist you in helping your child develop movement skills in the water according to his ability. Your child will learn to enjoy and develop self-confidence in the water while learning to develop basic swimming and safety skills.

Click on Parent and Tot to view the Goals and Expectations (in PDF format) for our parent assisted program.


LPA Aqua Program

Aqua 1 (Ages 3 and up - child must turn three within four weeks of first class for Spring + Fall Programs)

Aqua 2 through 12 (see schedule for age requirements) -

The Aqua Program consists of 12 levels that students can progress through at their own personal rate, while developing knowledge and skills based on two components: water safety and swimming.

This program introduces water safety and swimming skills/knowledge in a very progressive manner, focusing on ongoing reinforcement and improvement. It provides students with the opportunity to link their knowledge and skills together. One instructor per class. Some evening and weekend classes may have assistants with the instructor.

Students learn all six swimming strokes, beginning with a strong foundation of relaxed breathing, movement skills and focus on developing quality stroke technique over shorter distances in addition to building endurance.

Students develop important self-rescue skills, which then lead to basic rescue of others skills, always focusing on least risk.

Click on the following to view the Goals and Expectations (in PDF format) for each of the 12 levels:

Aqua 1

Aqua 2

Aqua 3

Aqua 4

Aqua 5

Aqua 6

Aqua 7

Aqua 8

Aqua 9

Aqua 10

Aqua 11

Aqua 12

Rookie Patrol ,  Ranger Patrol and Star Patrol

These three levels (interspersed with the Aqua levels) provide swimmers with the knowledge of rescues including entries, defense methods, various types of victims, survival skills and some first aid. These are Lifesaving Society levels.

Life Saving Society - Rookie Patrol badge Life Saving Society - Ranger Patrol badge Life Saving Society - Star Patrol badge
Rookie Requirements Ranger Requirements Star Requirements

Bronze Star,  Bronze Medallion,  Bronze Cross

Advanced lifesaving levels which include theoretical knowledge and practical experience in rescue breathing and emergency care. Teaches lifesavers how to respond to complex water rescue situations, stroke efficiency and endurance. Bronze Star course includes Basic First Aid and CPR A (30 minute water safety). Bronze Medallion course includes Emergency First Aid and CPR B. Candidates must be 13 years of age by exam date. Prerequisite for Bronze Cross is Bronze Medallion. Bronze Cross course includes Standard First Aid and CPR C. Candidate must be 14 years of age by exam date.

Life Saving Society - Bronze Star badge Life Saving Society - Bronze Medallion badge Life Saving Society - Bronze Cross badge
Star Requirements Medallion Requirements Cross Requirements

Assistant Instructor (Age 15, Prerequisite Current Bronze Cross)

Teaches the candidate how to assist an instructor as well as developing leadership skills. (A recommended prerequisite for Ontario Lifesaving Society instructor course.) Students are required to complete 15 hours of practice teaching time.


Lifesaving/LPA Instructor (Age 16, Prerequisite Current Bronze Cross (or NLS) and SFA/CPRC)

Upon successful completion, the candidate will be qualified as a Lifesaving Society Instructor. This prepares instructors to teach the Lifesaving Society's Canadian Patrol Program, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Basic and Emergency First Aid, CPR-A, CPR-B and CPR-C. A portion of this course will also prepare candiates how to teach the Lynne Patch Aquatics Aqua program. Award will include Lifesaving Instructor, Emergency First Aid Instructor and Lynne Patch Aquatics Instructor.



The main goal of Adults 1 is for you to become comfortable in the water. You'll learn techniques for basic floating, moving and rhythmic breathing. Equally important, you'll also acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be safer around the water. In Adults 2, you'll work on two of the six swimming strokes, according to your choice. The goal is to develop proficiency and increased endurance. In Adults 3, the focus is on stroke improvement to increase efficiency and fitness.



Our AquaFitness classes offer one hour of exercise providing a good cardiovascular workout plus toning exercises for all body areas. Also beneficial to those suffering from fibromyalgia, diabetes, circulatory conditions, joint replacement and arthritis. The warm water minimizes injuries commonly suffered by doing a similar workout on land. Performed to upbeat music with instructor in the water, these classes are a enjoyable way to improve your physical condition. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00am to 10:00am.

AquaFitness class

Special Needs Children

Children with special needs do not need to be segregated due to arthritis, cerebral palsy, down syndrome or other challenges. However, they may benefit from a smaller semi-private class and on occasion, private lessons are offered. If your child requires an instructor evaluation to determine his/her aquatic abilities, please contact the pool prior to any regular program for an evaluation and to arrange a suitable swim class and time for an upcoming program.